By: Ashley Hill

May is a bittersweet time at Coral Restoration Foundation for the intern teams. The spring intern team has transitioned out and begun to move forward with their next steps. Danielle, Zoe, Alex, Justine, and Maren participated in nearly every aspect of our team’s work. From helping with our 4th Annual Gala to diving in the nursery and on the reef—the interns provided invaluable support. While we appreciated their assistance, we loved their initiative and originality. As lead interns, Zoe and Danielle utilized their high energy to help facilitate positive communication between the interns and the staff. Maren, Alex, and Justine took on a hefty data analysis project and worked closely with our Reef Restoration Program Manager, Science Program Manager, and CEO. Individually, each intern worked diligently on special projects—too many to name here! But with their great success, we knew they would have to continue in their journey. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to our organization!


On May 24, our new team of interns started. We are thrilled to have James (alum Fall 2015) and Alex (alum Spring 2016) as our lead interns this session. The new group: Jackie, Andrew, Hannah, and Chayse showed up with bright eyes and ambition. We are happy to welcome them to our team! They can look forward to an exciting summer filled with Coralpalooza, dive programs, and LOTS of time on the water. If you happen to meet one of them at an event, while volunteering on the boat, or out in the community please say hello!