CORALPALOOZA is a festival of reef restoration that shows the world what’s possible when we work together!


On World Oceans Day every year, Coral Restoration Foundation takes out an “army” of ocean lovers to help restore coral reefs in Florida and beyond.

This year is the International Year of the Reef, and CORALPALOOZA is part of the international “March for the Ocean” (M4O) campaign.

Divers and non-divers alike can join Coral Restoration Foundation volunteers, interns, staff, and brand-new coral warriors for a jam-packed day of saving coral reefs. This year we are:

  • Taking out record numbers of divers to actively restore reefs. In 2018, we will be mobilizing over 200 people in the Florida Keys alone!

  • Sending a fleet of kayaks out to clean the mangroves

  • Hosting a day of arts and crafts, food, games, and community engagement around the issues facing our oceans.

  • Coordinating our efforts with groups throughout the Caribbean!

Head over to our newly-renovated Exploration Center at 5, Seagate Boulevard in Key Largo, Florida a fun-filled, family-friendly day of ocean awareness on June 9th!



Last year, we coordinated reef restoration activities in the Florida Keys, Bonaire, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Groups including Oceanus, Fundemar, CRF Bonaire, Mote, and UM all took part!


  • 262 people participated over two days
  • Divers outplanted 613 coral colonies
  • We monitored 732 coral outplants
  • We cleaned 128 Coral Trees
  • 20 dive operators got involved
  • We totaled 2,923 hours of reef restoration!

Join us this year for CORALPALOOZA 2018!




Welcome & Training

Friday, June 8

102050 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL

Join us for our welcome event at the Murray Nelson Government Center in Key Largo, FL. There will be a presentation overview of our organization and afterward you will participate in hands-on training learning how to care for coral nurseries, outplant corals, and monitor restoration sites. This will also be where you confirm your registration, pick up your limited edition event t-shirt and get the paperwork needed for activities the next day. 

Reef Restoration & Open House

Saturday, June 9

Morning to mid-afternoon throughout the Florida Keys

This is when the action takes place! You will dive alongside our team, working underwater on tasks such as maintaining the Coral Tree Nurseries, monitoring corals on our reef restoration sites, or outplanting corals. Representatives from Dive Against Debris will also be joining us with cleaning up our oceans.

Stop by our Exploration Center for activities and games, and to register for a kayak trip to clean up the mangroves! 


Dive for the Ocean Celebration 

Saturday, June 9

Key Largo, FL

Our celebration dinner for participants is a time to kick back and celebrate with good food and drinks after a great day of diving. At the party, we will announce the final numbers of corals that were outplanted, trees that were cleaned, and more! 


* Check back soon for final times and locations!








Welcome & Training

Saturday morning, June 9th

Location TBC

oin us to start Coralpalooza with a morning presentation of Coral Restoration Foundation and hands-on training. You will learn how to care for our coral nurseries, monitor restoration sites and how we outplant our corals. This will also be where you confirm your registration, pick up your limited edition event t-shirt and get the paperwork needed for the activities. 

Reef Restoration

Saturday, June 9th, 12:30 pm to 5 pm

Welcome to ocean conservation! Alongside the CRF Team Coral, you will work underwater on tasks to help with reef restoration. Snorkelers are also welcome to explore from above and watch the action below.


Dive for the Ocean Celebration 

Saturday, June 9th
Location TBC
This evening celebration is the time to enjoy and celebrate ocean conservation with new friends. At the party, we will announce the final numbers of corals that were outplanted, trees that were cleaned, corals that were monitored, debris that was collected, and more!
*Check back soon for final times and locations! 









Thank you for your interest in joining us for our 4th Annual Coralpalooza! We have provided answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have more questions, feel free to email or call (305) 453-7030.

Who can participate in Coralpalooza?

Landlubbers and divers alike! We will have activities for everyone. Although those who register must be dive certified to join us for in water activities, there will be on land activities for those who are not and no registration is required to participate in this.

Do I have to be dive certified to participate?

You must be dive certified to participate in Coralpalooza in water activities which you can join by registering. Our Open House on June 9th, however, is open to the public for free.

Does it cost money?

Yes. We require a $50 registration fee per participant for those who will be joining us on the dive boats. Although the $50 does cover the cost of registration, we highly encourage participants to tip the crew on dive boats. Any donations beyond the registration fee will also go towards supporting our efforts to restore the coral reefs in Florida and beyond.

The kayak mangrove clean-up is $20 per person which includes the cost of the kayak rental and the guided tour. 

What if I don’t have my own dive gear?

No worries — you can rent dive gear from the dive shops! (Extra fees will apply)

I am traveling with a group or my family. How can I make sure we are all on the same dive boat?

We cannot guarantee your group will all be diving from the same boat, but we are going to try our best to accommodate everyone! The most helpful thing you can do is register with everyone’s information.

Do I need to attend the presentation and training on Friday afternoon if I have already dove with Coral Restoration Foundation before?

Yes. Attending the presentation and training is mandatory for this event in order to receive vital information on how we care for our corals, protect the reef, and successfully plant corals. 

What if I want to do one of the reef restoration activities and not another one?

By participating in Coralpalooza, you are agreeing to participate in the activity performed for the overall health of our ocean! We hope everyone will enjoy their experience and learn valuable information no matter what activity they are performing — whether it be outplanting corals, working in the nursery, or monitoring the overall health and success of the corals.

Please note that if you are assigned to a monitoring group, you will be asked to sign up for OkCoral, our Citizen Science App, in the weeks prior to Coralpalooza. You can get more information about OkCoral, here. 

How will I know where to go on Saturday?

Once individuals begin to register, our team will start matching dive participants with spots available. In weeks leading up to the event, you will receive an email with group assignments including all information you need to know before June 7th such as what dive shop you will be going out with, time, location, your activity, and more!

Snorkeling opportunities are available, if you are interested please email






Partner Participation

If you are a Reef Restoration Partner and are interested in taking part in this event, send a email to

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here for more info, or email

Where to Stay

Discounts for hotels in Key Largo are available here, now. We will soon have more special rates for select hotels in the Keys. Check back soon for details. For questions, email

Registration for CORALPALOOZA is now open! 

Divers and snorkelers, please register for boat spaces in either Key Largo or Key West using the appropriate form below.

If you would like to sign up to join the kayak mangrove clean-up tour, you can do so at the orientation on Friday. For more information, or if you have any questions, please email Roxane, at